Version Differences

Zapit Media Mover is available in Standard and Professional versions. The Standard version is for the normal user that wants the basic features only. The Professional version is intended for the user that constantly works with media files, files other than media files and will be using Zapit on a regular basis.

Features by Version

Feature Standard Professional
Move or Copy Media Files from Source Folder to Destination Folder
Windows AutoPlay Integration
Full Windows Explorer Integration
Complete Control Over Renaming Process
Increment File Counter by File or by File Type
Automatically Set Moved/Copied Files to Read Only or Writable
Retain Subfolder Structure
File Name Preprocessing Capabilities
Custom Date Formats
Duplicate File Handling
Keep File Creation Date Intact
In Place File Renaming
Display Picture and Video File's Contents
Undo Last 10 Move Tasks or Copy Tasks
Move Deleted Files to Recycle Bin Rather Than Permanently Deleting
Change File Search Types



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